Trish Schulte - Kitsilano Character Reno

Madeleine and her team designed a major renovation on my character home in Kitsilano (kitchen, living room, bathroom). Working with her was an absolute pleasure. Madeleine expertly guided me through the bewildering maze of choices in cabinetry, fixtures, and paint colors to come up with a final product that exceeded my expectations in every respect. She was involved in every step of the process from initial designs and space planning, to picking the finishes, and designing custom millwork and furniture to complete the space, and throughout I felt I was in good hands. Madeleine seemed to be able to see inside my head to take my dreams and turn them into reality. I particularly appreciated that she really listened to me so that the resulting design was something personalized that truly reflected my taste. I have worked with other designers in the past where I have felt that the design reflected them more than it did me, whereas with Madeleine I always felt that she was able to figure out what I wanted (even when I didn’t exactly know myself) and implement it flawlessly. Through clever use of space and colour, she gave me a welcoming, open, bright, and homey renovation that honored the character features of my home and delivered both beauty and function. Having Madeleine on the job took all of the stress out of the renovation process, and I couldn’t be happier with the process and result.

Bill and Trish Weaver - 1920's Character House

We live in a early Twentieth Century craftsman house that we recently renovated. We wished to maintain the traditional character of our home and Madeleine expertly guided us through choices and decisions about everything from bathroom pieces to wall coverings to fixtures, and colour; Madeleine's creativity and commitment to the integrity of our project resulted in more than we could have hoped for. Our bathroom design, colours throughout the house, and finishing touches are a joy to live with every day!

Gail and Carl Sloback - South Surrey Remodel

In all honesty, we weren’t entirely sure what an interior designer’s job entailed.  We knew it was different than an interior decorator’s job and it involved planning out what a home’s space might look like, but we had no idea it involved the million other things (big and small) that one has to deal with when renovating one’s home.  Madeleine and her team were there every step of the way.  There is absolutely no way our home would have turned out the way it did (beautiful and completely what we were hoping for) without them. 

We are incredibly grateful to Madeleine for her professionalism, her attention to detail, her wealth of knowledge (both in construction and design), her ability to handle problems with ease, and her stunning creativity.  We would highly recommend Madeleine Design Group to anyone and everyone!

Ron and Janet Batty - Port Moody

This was our first “real” renovation project and from the beginning we were a bit stumped!  So much to look for, choose from, the possibilities are endless.  Our investment was very important to us and we wanted to make sure it was everything we could imagine.
Then came Madeleine Schmidt of Madeleine Schmidt Design.  She effortlessly made this project beautiful, always considering our wishes, budget and outcomes.  Her recommendations were outstanding!  I was always amazed how we would discuss an issue or problem we had with our former layout/design, and she would find a fix that we never had thought of. Thank you to Madeleine, none of this would have been possible without you!

We were very pleased with the efficient and professional work that Madeleine did for our master bedroom, walk-in closet and ensuite. She did an excellent space plan with perfect measurements. The contractor and the crew posted up her floor plan on the wall, referencing it as they built the new rooms and placed the new doors. She selected the best colours for our walls and carpeting that all ended up blending together perfectly and was always available to check with in the reno process for ideas on where to find items. We were very pleased with our renovation and very glad that we hired a designer to help us with the project. We would highly recommend Madeleine's services to anyone!

Linda Millar - White Rock

My husband and I started a major renovation project with a designer who moved out of the country for personal reasons prior to the completion of our project.  I desperately googled and looked at hundreds of on-line portfolios trying to find another designer who would complete the project.  But it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack!  Thankfully a friend recommended Madeleine. Madeleine has been amazing to work with!  As soon as I met with her, I got a sense of her warm personality and her professionalism.  She quickly learned our style and needs.  We both have demanding jobs so we don’t have a lot of time for consultation and meetings.  Madeleine worked around our crazy schedules, bringing samples and ideas to us after combing half the city to find just the right fabric or carpet or bedding.  She has a great design eye and has turned our family room, outdoor living area and bedroom into warm, beautiful spaces that we love spending time in.  We have two young boys so having spaces that are functional, but also elegant was key. She nailed it!  She also had some pragmatic suggestions for minor upgrades to bathrooms to give them an updated look without spending a ton of money. We would definitely recommend Madeleine to anyone looking to create functional, elegant spaces that reflect your style and needs.

Wendy Bach - West Vancouver

Dear Madeleine Schmidt,
Thank you, Madeleine, for your massive contribution to the modernization of our home in 2014.  We had never before considered using a designer, but when you were recommended, we thought we'd see what you would come up with.  Not only did you save us so much in time and money in both the design and the choosing of materials, but you made the process so much easier.  You have a great knowledge of construction, so you know how to save time not only for us, but for the tradespeople we had completing our renovation.  You understood the concept we were looking for and your suggestions were exactly to our taste.  We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome and your participation in the completion of our project.  No detail escaped your attention.  In other words, you are fantastic and we would not hesitate at all in recommending you to friends and family.

Sally and Bob McKechnie - West Vancouver

Madeleine and I have worked on two major home renovations, and I continue to be impressed by her professionalism, problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. Madeleine’s team worked seamlessly to present and produce my design vision, and my home looks marvellous because of their commitment and impeccable style. I won’t tackle a home design project without them! From our earlier reno ... Madeleine transformed the main floor of our house and we love it. She was involved every step of the way, from drawing up floor plans to hiring the contractor, managing the trades, picking finishes, and oh, designing custom-made furniture. Madeleine handled every problem that popped up, dedicating long hours and great passion to the project. She brings an impressive array of skills to the table, with experience on both the build and design sides. We are thrilled with our new living space and look forward to working with Madeleine on our next renovation.

Susan Neale - North Vancouver

We've collaborated together on a few renovations and Madeleine and her team are exceptional. She's got a great eye for design and also understands the construction end of things (great asset). Her work and attention to detail makes our life so much easier. I look forward to collaborating on more projects.