Portable Lodge


 The portable lodge project was an extremely unique project for Middle Eastern Royalty
His Majesty wanted something that could be transported around the world…


The lodge is made up from a similar sized structure as a shipping container. The center 'spine' of the floor plan hosts the kitchen and bathroom, as well as a space for a fully functioning Jacuzzi hot tub to fold away into. The sides of the unit fold down to create the living space off one side and the bedroom off the other side, a fold away structure is tented across the top to create the roof. 


At the end of the unit, there is a Jacuzzi hot tub mounted on gas shocks that descends down, leaving an open bench area and beautiful cedar deck. Materials used in the lodge consist of Corian countertops, bathroom floor/showers pan and custom bathroom sink, 3Form bathroom walls, 3M vinyl wall coverings and many more unique materials. The use of flexible and stable materials was extremely important in the construction of the portable lodge. 


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